U.S. National Champion & Olympic Medalist Jason Brown is coming to Illinois on Saturday, July 7!

All Skaters: A skating superstar is coming to Illinois! U.S. National Champion & Olympic Medalist Jason Brown will spend Saturday, July 7, 2018 with us! You have the opportunity to meet Jason, win great prizes, and raise funds for the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation and St. John’s Children’s Hospital. The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation is

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The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation

The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, established as a national identity in 2014, is dedicated to changing the future of cancer by funding advanced, innovative research that treats the cancer while sparing the patient.

Cancer knows no boundaries of age, gender or race and as our population ages the number of survivors living with the after effects of cancer treatment rises.  Cancer care over the past 45 years has advanced in every area and more people are surviving than ever before.  Breakthroughs in our understanding of cancer is driving new treatments with less devastating side effects from highly toxic cancer treatments.

We will remain flexible in our thinking and constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ideas, so we can stay abreast of emerging trends in research with the potential to increase the impact of our funding.  Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation supports research that accelerates the advancement of less toxic treatments for isolated cancers and tumors with precision proton beam therapy and prevention of the spread of cancer with targeted immunotherapy drugs.

St. John's Children's Hospital

For 76 years, HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital has been a leader for care of preterm and critically-ill infants. St. John’s is the only Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) serving the central and southern portions of Illinois.  Neonatal services have grown substantially over the past decade and St. John’s cares for nearly 800 infants per year in its NICU, increasing almost 20% in 2017. Highly skilled care teams have delivered some of the best outcomes in the country, making St. John’s especially vital to our region.

Although the current NICU was a state-of-the-art 20 years ago, the needs of our most vulnerable populations have outgrown our capabilities.  Today, the standard of care is to provide a private, intimate NICU environment.  St. John’s is expanding and remodeling its NICU to three times the size of our current space. Our vision is a larger, family-centered unit with single patient rooms advantageous for infants to grow and thrive. This environment will allow families and physicians to openly discuss sensitive treatment information, and privacy for families to bond with their fragile infants.

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LEAD WARM UPS WITH Jason Brown! Fundraising ends TONIGHT!

LEAD WARM UPS WITH Jason Brown! Fundraising ends TONIGHT! Here is a RED HOT opportunity for our upcoming event with Jason…. Jason needs two assistants to help him lead pre-clinic warmups. If you have awesome leadership skills, think it will be pretty cool to work alongside one of the best skaters on the planet, and want to take

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Last Chance to Double Your Donations up to $500!

Last Chance to Double Your Donations up to $500! Special double opportunity: All on-line donations received from Friday, June 29 through 11:59 pm Tuesday, July 3 up to $500 will be automatically doubled! For example: Raise $100 and get credit for $200. Raise $250 and get credit for $500. Raise $500 and get credit for $1,000. This is a GREAT

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Last Chance to Perform your routine for Jason!

Last Chance to Perform your routine for Jason! Imagine being mentored one on one by a U.S. National Champion. Imagine…just you, your favorite routine and Jason Brown. If you win this contest, you will have a chance to perform a full routine of your choice for Jason. Following the routine, Jason will huddle with you

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Jason Brown

About Jason Brown

Who is… Jason Brown  


Private Clinic with Jason Brown

The top 30 overall fundraisers will get to participate in an additional private clinic with Jason Brown.

Lunch with Jason

How to attend lunch with Jason Brown

The top 10 overall fundraisers will attend a private lunch with Jason.